Famous Places in Australia

Australain Bio

Australia, most commonly known as “The land down under” is very prominent with its vast array tourist destinations. It is proven that there are unforgettable famous places in Australia based on the comments of some visitors who visited this country to have a vacation.

Right around this famous land you can search different attractions to see and visit for you to relax yourself. There are several wide ranges of habitats like rainforests, oceans, zoos and many more. In fact, millions of tourists love to visit Australia because of the amount of things to do here.

Australian Map

Australia is rich not only on their resources but also in history and culture. They have their prominent Victorian architecture which is the predominantly architecture style during the 19th century. Most of the parks, buildings and gardens in Australia have the touch of this type of architectural style.

From the well known Sydney Opera House to the Great Barrie Reef in Queensland, Australia is lined with numerous tourist attractions that they are proud of to entertain their visitors.

Melbourne, one of the most famous places in Australia that is rich in cultural heritage is referred as the cultural capital of Australia. It is the ancestor and the birth place of Australian film, television and entertainment. This is the place where the famous sport of Australia originated which is the Australian football. Australian dance styles here also attract millions of tourists visiting this place. Melbourne is not only prominent in picturesque scenery and good ambiance but also for its delectable food cuisine and finest wine of the world. Melbourne has its pride which is the Melbourne’s Royal Botanical Garden that has picturesque heaven scenery that serves as Australia’s place for recreation. Compare hotel prices and find the best deal - HotelsCombined.com

Melbourne also serves as the pioneer of great shopping centers in Australia with its wide range of shopping items, trendy cafés, public galleries, architectural structures, sport stadiums and many more. You can also visit the Shrine of Remembrance which is the Melbourne’s remarkable landmark that takes tourists through the memory of Australia.  However, there is also the Great Barrier Reef that also adds charm and charisma to Australia. It is a huge reef system that contains all kinds of marine life.

Another famous place in Australia is the Victoria. This place has an amazing diverse range of coastlines, beaches with crashing surf of clear waters. Australian Capital Territory Canberra is also one of the most visited spot here wherein finest galleries, famous buildings, home of kangaroos, koalas and other wildlife can be found. This has a splendid body of waters like waterfalls, red cliffs and rivers. King George falls and Mitchell falls is also one of the breath taking views here in Victoria.

It is very believable and obvious that Australia is really in natural resources that people there took care of. The stated above places are just a few of the most visited places in Australia. Due to several famous places in Australia, it is difficult to choose which is the must visit destination for you and your love ones. So better choose your best pick up spotted tourist spot and sit back and enjoy with your vacation in Australia. Have a great trip!

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